About Us

Gangs of Gamer is a online fun playground of HTML 5 games. We have over 60 games. Our games works on android, ios, desktop devices. Our games are optimized to give you best experience on all global browsers. Our games run in browser so yuo will not have to download anything extra to play many games at once. We are dedicated to provide best entertainment and gaming experience to our user. We are ambitious to integrate more and more games to our platform.

We have integrated some of the best HTML 5 games from the web from various developers. All the games are purchased and licensed. These games are either created by Gangs of Gamer or various developers or developement studios who sell/license their HTML5 games to Gangs of Gamer. These games run online within a browser enviourment so you will not have to download anything.

You can contact us at[email protected]